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Frolicking, free-spirited, occasionally vindictive, but ever in the mood for a prank or a game, the faelings of Avalon are known for their uncanny ability to cause trouble with hallucinogenic pheromones as much as their awe-inspiring love of life. With lifespans that end at age fifty, the fae make every moment count.

With hiss, or a kiss, a faeling can emit hundreds of different pheromones in tens of thousands of combinations. While averaging only four feet in height, their dominance in the natural world of Avalon is unrivaled, particularly the Avalonian queen who can send waves of pheromones to control nearly all animals within a half mile radius.

The faelings’ native homes are netter trees, which respond to faeling pheromone commands. In the evening, on command from their hosts, the trees lower their branches and wrap the faelings snuggly in protective blanket leaves. Faelings can even command the netter trees to lower their branches to attack encroaching enemies.  In return, the faelings keep other trees clear of the area. Their control over humanoids can be just as complete, with effects ranging from control of emotions to chemo-hypnotically suggested acts of random kindness, violence, or more commonly, stupidity.

As a human, it is unwise to wander the forests of Avalon. A traveler will quickly lose their sense of direction and every other sense their mind offers. Many wander onto carnivorous lily pads or into a colony of feisty bat chickens—the ultimate culinary delicacy of Avalon, and arguably the galaxy.

The Destruction of Avalon:

As a human visitor once remarked, "The entire planet of Avalon is one bad hallucinogenic trip." On Avalon, both plants and animals emit psycho-active pheromones. Here, evolution has led to a great biochemical competition beneath the jungle canopy of the idyllic world, where the diminutive but nimble faelings have emerged as the dominant species.

Avalon and its inhabitants were discovered by a Believer expedition, and the queen of Avalon found a strong overlap with their beliefs. Avalon rallied to the cause of the believers like no other world. By the time ASP arrived, the planet was unified in its response to their baited offers of technology and wealth.

The answer was an emphatic no, complete with blown raspberries, rude gestures, bum wagging, and childish taunts . . . from the queen's court.

As persecution from ASP across the creator's worlds ramped up, the Believer high council took up residence at a secret location on Avalon. Soon after, An ASP battlegroup arrived at Avalon. When the queen refused to turn over the Believer's high council, the ASP warships began a planet-wide nuclear bombardment.

Believer security forces arriving from Rodor succeeded in evacuating the high council, but the queen and the rest of Avalon were destroyed in the greatest massacre in history of all inhabited planets.

Avalonian survivors have joined the Believer's fleet en route to Xahna, the ninth planet and the last hope for those seeking the Prime Star and the Creator of the twelve worlds.

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