The Exalting
May 2019 from Future House Publishing
She Was Chosen


In a world where cities each grant the powers of a supreme being to one person, Dana is trusted with a bloodstone--the artifact which binds the wills of every soul in a city to the supreme. But there are others who want the power of the bloodstone. Can Dana stay alive long enough to return the bloodstone to Shoul Falls? Or will she succumb to its promise of power and commit the ultimate mistake.

Pizza Boy and the Super Squad
(coming Nov 17, 2020!)​

Take A Slice Out Of Crime

An adorable photo of two babies born on the same day with the initials PB&J puts the small town of Surly, Idaho on the map. Fourteen and years later, in "the town that brought PB&J together", something unimaginable is about to happen: one really messy breakup.

Join Little Cheezers Pizza Boy "PB" Peter Barnes and Jaylee "J" Yates, the cutest drive-up window Arabian princess cashier in the history of Sheik-Fil-A, for the wildest food fight in rural America. With Peter looking for a bit of independence, and J looking for some serious payback on Peter for dumping her, it is the perfect chance for work-from-home criminal mastermind Soccer Mom to finally make her move. With the PTA presidency in her sights, Soccer Mom pits J against PB as the town of Surly descends into condiment chaos with a slur of crazy car chases, mysterious food poisonings and epic dance fights.


To stop the mayhem, school guidance counselor Guy "GuyCo" Jennings puts together a team of misfit kids with extraordinary abilities. But even the Surly High Super Squad may not be enough to stop Soccer Mom and her mischievous midget-sized minions.


Can PB and J come together to finally put an end to Soccer Mom's reign of toddler terror before Surly falls into her nefarious control?

Putting the Science in Fiction
Available Now, from Writers Digest 

Tricks of the Trade

Learn the secrets of writing realistic science fiction from experts in dozens of technical fields. (And don't miss my chapters on gravity, relativity and nanoscience.)

The Stalk (coming soon)
Scifi retelling of the Jack and the Beanstalk
Taking revenge to new heights

Jack Englishman's father was killed by a corporate giant--the inventor of the space elevator. Jack has acquired five cryptociphers--a bit of cyber magic that will allow him to break into the most secure facility ever created: the Zygo Space Resort, sixty thousand miles in the sky at the top of the elevator. But when his solo bid to topple the Zygo corporate empire attracts the attention of the FBI, underage new recruit Jillian Andrews gets caught up with Jack in a high-stakes heist to bring down the human rights criminal Vince Zygo.

The Dungeons of Arcadia, a Super Dungeon Novelization
The greatest adventure of them all

Join Gork, the prince of Dwarfholm Bastion, Nyan-Nyan the Chaos Kitty, Terras the Deeproot Druid, and Princess Ruby on a dangerous mission to the Blasted Tombs. Book Four of the Super Dungeon Explore miniatures board game novelization takes adventure to a new extreme. Look for it, and the new mini figures from Future House Publishing in 2019.

(available for beta readers)
He turned the princess into a wind spirit

Kell, the last apprentice of the high wizard is the most wanted man in the empire. A gifted necromancer, he is wanted for turning the crown princess Amber into a wind spirit and hunted by the only other apprentice of Gilgr Anther to surive: Oranth, the shadow mage. Can he stop Oranth before he brings the end of times upon all of Atrika? Can he find a way to save Amber?

(Upper MG Science Fiction; open for beta readers)


Who let the teens out of the airlock?

In this book you will learn how to:

  • Jump straight through an asteroid

  • Survive attacks by giant space worms

  • Steal nuclear bombs from space pirates

  • Get your own interstellar ship

  • Ruin interplanetary conspiracies

  • Beat nast cyborgs

  • Impress cute girls

And much, much more!

Kayna's Orb
(YA Fantasy; open for beta readers)


Thousands of years before our civilization Kayna travels to The Colony, the last bastion for left-brained Fairinen mystics and right-brained Reinen rune mages in a society threatened by the rise of technology.


Magic or love: which would you have?

Kayna Mender is Jairen--one of the joined, potentially inheriting fairy-hatching magic from her Faririnar mother and alchemical prowess from her Reinar father, although she may be the last of her line to have any magic. Emotionally unstable, incurably curious, and uncertain of whether she'll have useful magical abilities, Kayna leaves the south continent where the Jairen government is restricting the practice of magic and travels to The Colony for an apprenticeship, and a chance to rekindle a childhood friendship with Lorrin, a Reinar wind mage. But the north continent is home to the Ha'druid and their demonic technology.


Kayna's world, and ours, is about to change.



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