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Role Playing Resources

Congratulations! You've found my fun and free resources for players and DM's in the Dungeons and Dragons 5e system.

Funnest bard ever.

Bard: College of the Prankster

Want to play a fantasy/steampunk ghostbuster batman?

The Arcane Trapper class

Want to break the power of pseudoscience over the heads of your enemies?

The Battle Potioner class

This class uses potion points to scale potion power with combinations of elixirs and cataysts to create 40 unique potions.

Want a magical item that becomes an entire campaign? Need a way to morph a blah character into something that actually helps the team/totally derails the campaign with danger?

The Tome of Cursed Transmutation

Gain the wings of a harpy, the eternal beauty of the medusa, the terrifying body of a drider, the power of werewolf--all with very few side effects. Really, not even worth mentioning. Plus: flight mechanics for realistic D&D air combat.

Don't you just wish D&D had a system for magical magical items that made sense and wasn't silly? Well,  now you do.

Common Sense Rules for Making Magical Items

Checkout the sigilist, a wizard subclass that can make powerful wards and glyphs at light speed.

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