The low gravity planet of Capria was the second inhabited planet discovered by humans, forming a line with Wodyn and Earth. Many believe this is the direction which leads back to the prime star, home of the creator of the twelve worlds.

Experiencing only 60% of Earth's gravity, humanoids of Capria grow tall and thin, and trees gain enormous proportions. But perhaps the most remarkable thing about the elves of Capria are their lifespans, measuring in the hundreds of years.

Beautiful, wise, solemn, regal and wrapped in mystique, elves are the epitome of fantasy. But they are not gentle communal Tesserians. Caprians are not afraid to press any advantage they may have, whether in politics, business or retribution. Feuds between elf families have lasted for a millennia or more before civil authorities intervened with forced marriages between the houses. One of the more remarkable traits of the thin and lanky elves is their ability to run at speeds nearly double that of humans. Caprian agility is only surpassed by the nimble faelings of Avalon, and an elf hunter in pursuit of its prize is seemingly unimpeded by terrain, whether forest, jungle, glacier or escarpment.

With legends that speak of both meddling dwarves and capricious humans, the elvish lore about the creator's worlds is the most detailed discovered on any of the inhabited planets. Following the discovery of Capria, tensions between Believers seeking the creator, and power-hungry interstellar corporations continued to build. With clues stolen from the halls of Caprian high elf Areth, an alliance of human corporations known as the Ardent Secular Pragmatists, or ASP, was first to reach the mountain world of the Talaks orcs and the desolate red planet of the twin-horned Dayali. Soon after they reached the heavy atmosphere planet of Rodor, home of a race of giants. The new worlds were ripe for commercial exploitation. In the meantime, Believers discovered the fallen world of Tesser, the nearest to Earth, and the idyllic planet of Avalon and its pheromone-captivating faelings.

Despite the mounting conflict, Capria, is largely regarded as a neutral planet. While its natural resources in the form of heavy metals and Tritium are modest, its people are its most prized asset. Elven ambassadors and negotiators are highly sought after.

A typical elf will experience adolescence beginning in their fifth decade and won't begin a career until their hundredth birthday. Elves typically change vocations every few decades and lead lives ranging from simple farmers, to professors, performers and statesmen. A Caprian presiding over an entire region as high elf, may find a change to forest management, or clock maintenance fascinating.


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