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Dayali know virtually no fear and are valued as interrogators, enforcers, and mercenaries. Dayali are stronger than humans Dayali from the highest clans grow to over seven feet tall, while lower classes reach only four feet in height, but are no less willing to strike at the first sign of weakness.

Dayali are unburdened by guilt over the pain of others. Frequently serving as trusted, impartial judges, Dayali are unafraid to personally execute the final punishment for a capital crime. A day in court with a Dayali judge is one a criminal will not soon forget.

Dayali are born with red skin impervious to flame. Even their eyes are unaffected by smoke and fire. But those adaptations were far less intimidating than the twin horns that grow from a Dayali's head and their sting-tipped tail.

A Dayali sting interferes with the victim's nervous system, inducing torturous pain and eventually taking total control of the victim's motor nerves. By far the most interesting thing about a Dayali is that the tail is a quasi-independent appendage, controlled by a nerve bundle at the base of the spine. It does whatever it pleases, as Dayali are quick to remind when accused of impropriety. If a Dayali's sting doesn't like you, it's best to keep your distance.

The Story of Dayal:

Following clues based on Caprian legends, a joint mission from ASP-affiliated Cybermax and Enertron corporations found exactly what they were looking for. In the Talaks-Dayal system, there was not one, but two inhabited worlds rich with heavy elements. The first of those was the desolate, volcanic planet where even the water is flammable - at least on the surface.

On Dayal, order is enforced by those with the will to control. Unsurprisingly, the repressed sub-classes of Dayal were easily seduced by ASP's promises of wealth and technology. However, those offers have never granted Dayali access to higher levels of influence within ASP. A few disgruntled Dayali have even joined the Believers. Believers and ASP alike find Dayali to be dangerous and difficult, although they have more in common with humans than any other race.

Though it seems unlikely, Dayali may be far more spiritual than their appearance suggests. But what causes only horror at first glance, may someday be the sting that saves your soul. For when a Dayali is the enemy of your enemy, you have no greater ally.

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