Earth is the last of the creator's twelve worlds. Gifted by the creator with a desire for answers above all else, it is believed that the creator intended humans to develop interplanetary travel and journey back along the path of the creator, finding and gathering in all the other races of creation.

Some hypothesize that the mass extinction events common to the twelve worlds were engineered by the creator to create conditions conducive to mammal life and higher intelligence. Some even claim that life itself was seeded on the planets by the creator. The are no facts beyond the common lore and mythologies shared by the previously isolated worlds. The subconscious connection between the planets of creation is undeniable. Although the mega-corporations of Earth, anxious to get their share of interplanetary trade commerce have been openly critical of the so-called Believers seeking the as-yet undiscovered creator.

Banding together, the corporations formed a trade cartel known as ASP, the Ardent Secular Pragmatists. The fundamental ideal of the organization is that those trading among the inhabited systems are under a moral obligation to ensure that rogue elements do not undermine the wealth and progress of its shareholders.

Humans are a remarkable race. Capable of unrivaled greatness, and unbelievable horror, the nature of humanity is one of the greatest mysteries in all creation. The tales of the dwarves of planet Wodyn speak of charismatic and conniving humans. The lore of the elfkin of Capria likewise speak of humanity's fickle morals and insatiable greed, annoying curiosity and unbounded--and potentially unnecessary-- ingenuity. But they also promise that in the hour of greatest need, one must seek a human to help.

The gathering of the worlds began with the discovery of Wodyn. Soon after Capria was discovered. A race to find the other worlds began as Believers pored over ancient texts and ASP built assemblies of huge space telescopes to scan the skies for exoplanets with signs of life. Over the next fifty years, ASP discovered the Talaks-Dayal system, home to two inhabited planets, the homes of the Orcs and Devils, as well as Rodor, home of the giants. Believers discovered the idyllic world of Avalon and the dead world of Tesser, home to the aliens that once tried to reach Earth as their civilization collapsed in an energy crisis. But contact exposed their race to Earth's viruses, a form of disease not present on Tesser. The race is believed to be extinct.

The discovery of Xahna, the ninth planet, brought the conflict between ASP and Believers to the breaking point. When Believers refused to reveal the planet's location, ASP declared an extermination order. Avalon, a Believer stronghold, was destroyed in a planetary nuclear holocaust. All remaining Believers are fleeing toward Xahna. While in pursuit of the Believers, ASP discovered the tenth planet, Lycana. Only two worlds now remain undiscovered. One is believed to have a race of water-dwelling humanoids, the other is home of to the angels of the creator: Zion.

Zion is the Believer's ultimate destination, where they hope to find the creator.

ASP also has its sights set on Zion, to end the conflict over the rule of twelve worlds once and for all. Armageddon, the ultimate battle for control of creation, approaches. And despite all the evidence for the creator's involvement in the inhabited worlds, there has been no sign of the creator for at least a thousand years.

The answers to the questions every human seeks: the origin of life, its purpose, and our ultimate destiny will soon be answered. And perhaps, we will determine them ourselves.


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