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Interview with Lilleth

Name: Lilleth

Snapshot: female, age 24, almond brown hair, brown eyes

Home: Ferrin-tat, Montas Realm

Occupation: Heiress of the Montazi Chief Ferrin, Challenge Eligible

Montazi Awakening: Visions of the past and future

Q: What do you like most about living in the megaliths of the Montas barrier?

I love the serenity of a morning walk along a rope and slat bridge between megaliths, the fog of the deep swirling below, the great ivy draping down the cliffs of the megaliths and the newly hatched dragons calling to each other from their roosts. The Montas barrier is one of most remote places in all the realms—certainly it is the most dangerous. The geothermal heating makes the region lush and warm. The megaliths have life in abundance, especially predators. Somehow we Montazi survive here on the volcanic mesas rising out of the deep. It is a wild place, but one of surpassing beauty.

Q: What is your most embarrassing moment?


My little sister Enala is the most embarrassing moment of my life. I love her dearly. We are best friends, but she has a way of pushing the limits of propriety.

Q: How do you feel about Terith and what first attracted you to him?


He’s the best hope for the Montas—I guess that’s not a very provocative answer. What first attracted me to him? You mean something trite like how handsome he is? Do I have to say it? Oh, this is embarrassing. …Can I say his courage? That doesn't count? Did Enala help write the questions for this interview?

Q: What was it like growing up with your awakening and being able to see peoples’ pasts and their futures?

In a word: awkward. What do you tell your friend when she asks you to look into her future and all you see is her eating porridge for breakfast and getting some on her cheek? The hardest thing about my visions is not being able to control what I see.  People want to know about their future. People want to hide their past. What I see is usually exactly what they don’t want to know. I learned to keep most things to myself. At first it was terribly stressful. I constantly worried that if I told someone about what I saw, that it might not happen and then I would seem like a fraud. I worried if I should tell them so they could try change the future. But I eventually learned that I could only ever see things I couldn’t change and that telling people wouldn't make any difference.

Q: What does it feel like when you summon your awakening?


Often I can catch a glimpse or two of someone's past or near future just by looking into someone’s eyes. I rarely unleash the full power of my awakening. But when I reach out to the sacred place beyond the horizon and draw the light of the awakening, it is like going over a waterfall headfirst into a tornado of light. My soul feels like it is going to be torn apart as the visions crash through me. Being a seer is neither easy, nor is it fun. It is simply terrifying.

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