The tenth planet Lycana was discovered shortly after Xahna. The two worlds form the side points of a diamond, with Avalon at the top pointing toward the last seven worlds of creation, and Atlantis pointing toward Zion at the Prime Star.

However, when ASP probes reached Lycana, they discovered its population was being ravaged by a terrible disease called "The Dread."

Lycans are furred wolvish humanoids with a great variety in their coloration and body types. Some have tails; others lack them entirely. Some have prominent claws, while others bear large fangs. All have reflexes rivaled only Earth's dragonflies and advanced AI's. With eyes that see flicker at more than a hundred and twenty frames per second, Lycans have been known to literally dodge bullets. Their olfactory sense is likewise highly evolved.

A geologically recent mass extinction left Lycans as the world's only large predator. The survival of the ecosystem depends on their ability to keep the grazers of the planet's steppes and forests under control. Lacking the domesticated dogs and cats of Earth, over the last twenty thousand years Lycans re-evolved the necessary biological tools for hunting.

But their animal-like appearance couldn't be more deceiving. Lycans are among the most advanced races. The current technological level of Lycana is comparable to the Earth in the early 1980's, though the progress of technology is not as explosively rapid as it was for the intensely curious humans. The Lycans on the other hand, have a deeper sense of connection with their world, and higher levels of cultural cooperation. Lycana developed a stable globalized government soon after developing intercontinental travel.

Experiments performed by ASP probes on tissue samples indicate that The Dread is capable of terminally infecting all known humanoid races, with no cure on the horizon. Under the influence of the disease, the victim is robbed of higher cognitive functions and eventually becomes a brutal killing machine, attacking friend and foe alike. During the critical incubation period the victim will withdraw from society and hide, waiting and watching until the urge to kill becomes unbearable.

It is believed the disease is passed by blood contact. ASP has quarantined the planet, leaving it under an orbital minefield of vectorable kinetic interceptors through which neither Lycan exploration rockets or nor potential visitors from outside the system can pass.

The current situation on Lycana is one of political turmoil. Doomsday cults have cropped up around the globe, claiming The Dread is the fulfillment of an end of days prophecy predicting the coming of a "Jeweled One" to save their world. Scientists have entered the foray, presenting evidence that The Dread has always been present on Lycana, but is only now becoming a plague due to overpopulation.

Little else is known about the quarantined planet, it's future uncertain and its present clouded in cultural conflict.


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