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  • Dan Allen

It's Pizza Time!

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

An adorable photo of two babies born on the same day with the initials PB & J puts the small town of Surly, Idaho on the map. But all manner of sticky villainy explodes when “PB” Peter Barnes decides he’s done being the town poster boy.

Join Little Cheezers pizza delivery boy Peter "PB" Barnes and Jaylee "J" Yates, the cutest drive-up window Arabian princess cashier in the history of Sheik-Fil-A, for the wildest food fight in rural America. With Peter looking for a bit of independence, and J looking for some serious payback on Peter for dumping her, it is the perfect chance for work-from-home criminal mastermind Soccer Mom to finally make her move. With the PTA presidency in her sights, Soccer Mom pits J against PB as the town of Surly descends into condiment chaos with a slur of crazy car chases, mysterious food poisonings, and epic dance fights.

To stop the mayhem, school counselor Guy "GuyCo" Jennings puts together a team of misfit kids with extraordinary abilities. But even the Surly High Super Squad may not be enough to stop Soccer Mom and her mischievous minions.

Can PB and J come together to finally put an end to Soccer Mom's reign of toddler terror before Surly falls into her nefarious control?

For Pizza Boy and the Super Squad, it's time to take a slice out of crime!

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