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Interview with Reann

Name: Reann

Snapshot: Female, age 17, brown hair, fluent in six languages 

Home: Citadel of Toran, Erdal Realm

Occupation: Castle servant: keeper of the library

Q: What do you like most about being a castle servant?

The library! Of course. Next question.

Q: You seem interested in Verick. Can you elaborate?


Now I know what Trinah feels like when I interview her in the book. Whew. Verick. Just a second, I’m feeling a little hot. I need a drink of water or something. …Ok, Verick. Yeah, well, I mean he’s tall, handsome, well-dressed, polite, rich, intelligent, mysterious—fantastic dancer. Oh, and he’s a wonderful swordsman. That's a dangerous habit. He's a man of few words. I think that makes for a good match, don't you?

Q: Do you really think you can find the forgotten heirs of Toran?


If anyone can, it’s me. Nobody else has access to as many records, and frankly, I am the most intelligent person working on the mystery—well it’s true.

Q: What is your favorite scene in the book?

Not the windowsill scene, the tavern, and definitely not the aviary! Guardians, I still have nightmares about all of those. My favorite one…hmmm—besides the dancing scenes with Verick, and the climax?—the climax is just thrilling. My pulse races every time I think about it. Besides those, I would have to say the raspberry jam incident—it is classic Reann. I use all my talents in that scene: snooping, translating, logic, quick wit—I’m just great in that scene. I’m not being proud, just honest.

Q: What is your favorite costume you got to wear in the book?


Since I’m a castle servant I don’t really own any nice clothes. But there is a scene where I get to wear this amazing dress. It’s a gorgeous dress and I look fantastic in it. But I’m also really excited for some of my scenes in book 2 because I get to wear armor—oh, sorry. I wasn’t supposed to say that.

Q: What is your favorite book in Toran's library?


Having read almost everything in there, I would have to say my most favorite is Bennion’s Compendium of Etiquette. There were some romances that I also enjoyed, but I’m not going to admit which they were, or where I found them in the library—a woman has her secrets, and if you know anything about me, it’s that I have secrets.

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