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Orcs of the planet Talaks are not mindless savages, but cunning tacticians, with their famously impervious bullet-proof skin and the ability to survive in almost any climate.

A Talaksian’s greatness goes beyond physical strength. What makes them truly unique is  their open-mindedness. Compared to the so-called "more advanced" species, Talaksians are far less given to prejudice and far quicker to forgive and forget. After a show of strength, cunning, wisdom, or loyalty, even alien species are welcomed into Talaksian clans. Perhaps humans have something to learn from these awe-inspiring rulers of the mountain world of Talaks.

When exploring unfamiliar territory, only a fool would travel without a Talaksian trail guide. Quick to spot any movement, orcs have excellent night vision and see in six colors, rendering camouflage all but useless.

If you ever cross a Talaksian, anything less than rocket-propelled grenades will only postpone your demise. In hand combat, only a ka of Xahna carrying the will of entire city could hope to survive an irate orc. Even a Rodorian giant would be loathe to challenge the much faster and cleverer Talaksian.

The World of Talaks:

The outermost inhabited planet of the Talaks-Dayal system is a world of towering peaks, treacherous canyons, and deep caverns. Creatures of all sizes lurk in the depths and cling to a fragile life among the stark cliffs of the chill mountains and the fiery volcanic caves. On this world of savage predators, the Talaksian orcs are the undisputed top of the food chain.

Clawed hands, tusked jaws, and bulletproof skin belie an orc's even more dangerous adaptations: stone-crushing strength, land speed rivaling the lithe Caprian elf hunters, and reflexes second only to AI simuloids. A cornered orc will overheat as its body prepares for a berserker rage. The sight of a Talaksian dripping with acid sweat is likely the last thing an enemy will ever see.

Despite their capacity for wholesale destruction, Talaksians are known for reserving judgement. When facing more than one Talaksian, if the elder speaks, it is a sign of earned respect. Although, the nuances of their guttural language can only be understood by sophisticated AIs and the best Avalonian xeno-linguists.

A Talaksian feast is a show of both strength and generosity. A Talaksian leader is the provider for its people. Whether by hunting prowess or trade in valuable ores, a clan chief looks after their own and must be ready to defend their right to rule against any challenger. This mindset has given Talaksians a leg up in the business of interstellar trade. The influx of new wealth on Talaks has brought with it both technology and cultural conflict.

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