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Wodynians are among the most entertaining characters in any situation, never afraid to boast or take a bet, and always willing to share a hearty laugh or ridiculous tale on a lonely journey. No interstellar mission or repair shop is complete without a Wodynian.

Wodynians are brave, loyal, determined, traditional, and perpetually fascinated by the charismatic archetypes from human media like cowboys, gangsters, and pirates. Wodynians are dreamers, drinkers, and gamblers. Although they are quick to anger, and have a somewhat flexible idea of honor, you can't find a truer friend than a dwarf of Wodyn.

The Story of Wodyn:

Wodyn was the first inhabited planet outside our solar system discovered by humans. When the early probes of the exoplanet sent back surface images showing clifftop fortresses and open pit mines, Earth began hurried preparations for its first manned interstellar mission. In order to cope with Wodyn's heavy gravity--twice that of Earth--humans trained in centripetal gravity rings on the long journey, but could still only survive for short periods on the planet's surface.

What surprised humans the most wasn't the fact there was intelligent humanoid life on Wodyn, but that the stout and stocky dwarves of Wodyn were expecting us. The mythology of the Wodynians had as many tales of clever, charismatic, and cruel humans as Earth's did of bombastic, belching dwarves.

That inexplicable subconscious connection between the two worlds resurrected the nearly dead religions of Earth and spurred a search for worlds with other creatures common to our shared myths. A probe continuing in the same direction soon discovered the low-gravity planet Capria, the realm of the elves.

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