Zion is home to the angels of the creator. The planet orbits the Prime Star, the birth place of life in the galaxy.

All races have sought to return to the bosom of the creator, to dwell among the choirs of holy angels.

Of all the myth and lore of the twelve worlds, the identity of the angels is the most undeniably common.

Appearing in wheels of fire infolding on themselves, in corridor's of light or in flashes of lightning, angels have been the emissaries of the creator to the twelve worlds. But a millennium has past since there has been any credible record of contact with the angels of Zion.

Possessing a disposition uniquely given to strict obedience and unquestionable objective justice, angels lack the intense curiosity of humans. Content to keep to the known and the true, angels have kept the halls of the creator since the beginning of recorded history.

Whether a quirk of evolution, or as mark of their holiness gifted by the creator, angels possess wings. It is not known whether the feathers of the wings are related to those of birds, or the tufts of feather-like hair behind the ears of Xahnans. Theories abound. Anatomical analysis suggests that angels would be capable of gliding, but not ascent. The extent to which angels access technology or metaphysical sources of power, such as Xahnans wield, is not known.

From records discovered by Believers it seems the Tesserians were close to finding the connection between technology and the power of the creator, but such rumors yield little insight into the most glorious of all the creator's races.

Angels are capable of merciless destruction in the name of justice, as well as acts of unspeakable mercy, an enigma that has puzzled humans since the dawn of recorded history.

It is believed that angels dwell on lofty peaks where their wings allow them to traverse otherwise inaccessible canyons. The music of their voices and harps fill their spacious halls and recall the stories of ancient deeds. Firm in the task appointed them by the creator, the angels guard a gate of ancient origin, protected by seven seals which can only be opened by seven archangels. What is beyond the gate falls to pure speculation.


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