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Renegade manuscript runs amok at happy valley university

Long seen as a hot bed for fantasy and scifi literature and home of the Life, The Universe, and Everything Con, Utah Valley and the (unnervingly) utopian campus of Brigham Young University have created and discovered incredible writers from scifi legend Orson Scott Card (Ender's Game) to paranormal author Stephanie Meyer (Twilight) and the incomparable fantasy author Brandon Sanderson (MIstborn). I mention several others in my youtube video about writing in Utah Valley (below).

Anyway, I recently got a very entertaining message at 4 AM from a Fall of the Dragon Prince beta reader whose manuscript had "somehow" got spread among his roommates and then to several apartments of girls and weeks later finally got returned and kept him up all night reading. Ok, so this is technically not supposed to happen with draft manuscripts. But, it was exciting to hear about this binder-clipped unbound paper first draft copy of Fall of the Dragon Prince making the rounds in the BYU fantasy underground scene.

The upside: I decided to schedule a book event at BYU.

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