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Who dares hear the tale of "The Goblin Curse of Hamlin"?

With the spooky fall season nearly upon us, I'm thrilled to announce my new FREE audio book reading of the "The Goblin Curse of Hamlin". This children's story is from my private collection, written for my own children, a fantastical fairy-tale retelling of the story of Pied Piper. Journey to the medieval village of Hamlin, Germany, where children are turning into goblins where you'll face a power-hungry priest, journey with Claire to a secret goblin village, stand against the vampire count of Carpathia and his minions, and work a bit of flute magic with Tobias, the brave young piper of Hamlin. Along the way you'll meet mountain trolls, transforming hags, and two beautiful princesses. Subscribe to my website newsletter or my channel to get updates as new chapters are made available. Follow this link to the playlist.

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