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  • Dan Allen

"The Exalting" Available For Pre-Order!

A new sci-fi fantasy crossover from Future House Publishing hits shelves in May.

In a world where cities create their own supreme beings called "ka" through symbiotic organisms controlled by a bloodstone, 17-year-old Dana comes into possession of the most powerful bloodstone on the planet. With the temptation to use the near god-like power growing, Dana is pursued by dangerous zealots and a bloodthirsty ka bent on ruling Xahna.

Meanwhile, believers from Earth and seven other of the creator's twelve worlds are hunted by mega-corporations demanding the location of Xahna. Marine Jet Naman leads his team on a sprint ship to reach the ninth world before their enemies.

The fate of the galaxy is in the hands of two young people who have never met. Outnumbered and outgunned, their only chance to survive is each other.

Ebook is available May 15th from

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